Would your customers benefit from European Roadside Assistance?

Would your customers benefit from European Roadside Assistance?

When planning that perfect getaway to Europe, there are plenty of reasons to consider driving your own car, mainly avoiding all the unnecessary hassle that comes with flying. Between the costs of the flight and the hire car, it is also likely to be much cheaper driving from your home, to your home-away-from-home.

If the worst was to happen and your customer’s car breaks down somewhere in Europe, they will be relieved to know you have them covered with European Roadside Assistance. Having this additional support in place when they drive off your forecourt also means they have one less thing to worry about before going on holiday.


Do you offer your customers European Roadside Assistance?

The above scenario will be familiar to anyone who has considered driving to or around Europe. Being able to relate to your customers and understanding their needs will help ensure you are providing suitable aftercare products that could be beneficial to them.

European roadside assistance can come as part of a package of vehicle aftercare products – for example when paired with a high-quality warranty. Asking customers if they have any holidays planned and if they are considering driving is a great opportunity to outline products that could provide peace-of-mind and a stress-free get-away if need be.

Our car warranty products do sometimes include Roadside Assistance, if this is the case explaining their benefits may help close the sale. Ensuring the customer has the protection they need for their new vehicle can help build a relationship, enhancing their satisfaction with the service they were provided and encourage loyalty when they consider buying a new vehicle in future.

Read our previous blog for further information on why car retailers should be offering Roadside Assistance cover.


European cover and Brexit

Considering the current political climate, there’s a good chance customers interested in European Roadside Assistance with their new vehicle will ask if it will be affected by Brexit.

The good news – Brexit is unlikely to make a difference, according to Which?. They spoke to three leading breakdown companies who all said customers will not be impacted. However, customers must remember to get European cover before they leave the UK, as they may not be able to receive help from their provider afterwards.


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