Why car retailers should be offering breakdown cover to customers

Why car retailers should be offering breakdown cover to customers

Breakdown cover isn’t just a “nice to have” – it’s an essential aftercare product that provides peace-of-mind and can save money. It’s not a legal requirement but, should a customer’s car stop working, they don’t want to be caught out at the side of the road reciting their credit card details down the phone. Neither would they want to end up being late for an appointment because their car wouldn’t start in the morning.

While annual third-party cover costs anywhere from £20 to £140+ a year, not having a breakdown service in place can end up costing multiple times the price, depending on where the breakdown occurs and whether the car needs towing.  A high quality, effective policy will ensure a mechanic arrives in a timely manner, will do what they can to fix the car at the roadside or take it to a garage of the customer’s choosing for repairs.*

Roadside assistance is invaluable when it’s needed. While breakdown situations can be stressful, they are infinitely easier if cover is already in place, and all it takes is a quick phone call or tap of a smartphone app to get an expert mechanic sent to the customer’s location. Offering this service can strengthen a retailer’s relationship with their customers, improve satisfaction levels and retention rates.

Roadside assistance as part of bespoke vehicle aftercare packages

Roadside assistance can also come as part of a package of vehicle aftercare products – for example, paired with a high-quality warranty. Driving off the forecourt with both a vehicle warranty and roadside assistance package will reassure a customer that help is available if needed. They can rest assured knowing if a mechanical or electrical fault with their car does occur, not only will a mechanic be sent out to their location, but replacement parts will be covered also*.

As the roadside assistance provider of choice for many of the most recognisable car manufacturers and dealer groups, Car Care Plan provides bespoke programmes for our partners, ensuring a complete package of products to keep customers on the road. To learn more, download our eBook, A guide to motoring financial aftercare, for everything you need to know about vehicle warranty and asset protection products, including relevant industry guides and literature.

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