Super Service Plans: What’s the Benefit?

Super Service Plans: What’s the Benefit?

When embarking on the exciting journey of purchasing a new car, customers like to know they have peace of mind regarding the future of their new vehicle. Dealers have the opportunity to provide that peace of mind through offering a range of products to customers, such as a Service Plan package to keep customer’s vehicles running smoothly.

Adding additional products to the range that dealers already offer may feel unnecessary.

However, with every customer wanting different things, dealerships who can match the correct products to each customer’s needs improve their bottom line.

Why would a customer buy a service plan?

A customer purchasing a service plan has the guarantee that their vehicle will be serviced using quality car parts and by skilled mechanics, keeping it running as it should. From a financial perspective it avoids sudden and expensive bills, and the monthly cost is fixed from the point of purchase so they can rest assured knowing that labour or other costs will not increase. Having a regular service history on record may also help retain the value of their vehicle.

Flexible service plans to cover multiple aspects of vehicle maintenance are available, meaning dealerships can offer cover to suit both their company and their customers.

So, why exactly should dealers offer Service Plans?

There are actually several benefits to dealerships offering service plans.

      • Offering a range of products to suit each customer’s wishes will help paint a dealership in a favourable light.
      • The customer will have greater freedom to choose the best product for their own needs –the current popularity of service plans demonstrate sales won’t prove difficult. This goes a long way towards customer retention.
      • With a pre-paid service plan in place, customers have a strong incentive to return to the dealership they purchased their vehicle from, building relationship with the dealership and contributing towards future sales.

Hence, for dealerships looking for ways to improve customer retention and satisfaction, offering a quality service plan is a great way to achieve this and keep customers coming through the doors.

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