Tyre & Alloy Insurance

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a flat tyre or curbed alloy wheel. Tyre and alloy insurance protects against unexpected damage so your customers can keep their vehicle looking showroom fresh.

Why choose tyre and alloy insurance?

Not only do your customers want a showroom fresh vehicle for longer, they understandably want the best possible price when the time comes to trade it in. With tyre and alloy insurance, your customer receives a price they’re happy with, and you avoid the risk of a difficult conversation about scuffed wheels and a devalued vehicle.

Tyre and alloy insurance with your customers in mind

Help protect your customers’ no claims bonus and save them money on expensive repair bills for modern wheels and tyres. Our free app lets your customers submit photos and register a claim at their fingertips, calling upon our mobile repair network to carry out the repair at a time and place to suit them.

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What does tyre and alloy insurance cover?

  • All car tyres, including the spare
  • Cover for run-flat tyres
  • Tyre replacements, including fitting
  • Accidental damage and punctures

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