Service Plan

Regular servicing can save motorists money in the long term, by reducing the risk of breakdown, ensuring fuel efficiency and retaining future vehicle value. The upfront cost can be deterring, however, and this is where spreading the cost with a service plan can help.

Why choose service plan?

Your customers can enjoy carefree motoring knowing their vehicle’s service is covered by easy monthly payments. They can avoid a large, single expense and beat inflation by fixing their servicing costs. There are flexible plans available to cover all aspects of car maintenance.

Service plan for your business

We provide service plans for many well-known car dealers and manufacturers, each with a package tailored to their brand and customers. This bespoke approach ensures your customers receive a service and product that matches your business’s reputation.

Benefits include:

  • A wider product offering to customers
  • Ongoing customer relationships
  • A product bespoke to your business
  • Improved satisfaction and retention rates
  • Introduce new revenue streams

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