Why you should partner with Car Care Plan for your service plan

Service plans are hugely popular among car buyers as they spread the cost of the annual service with 12 fixed monthly payments, beating inflationary rises in price throughout the year. A regular service will also help to reduce the risk of breakdown, ensure fuel efficiency and maintain future resale value.

For retailers themselves, service plans are hugely beneficial for customer retention, as many return to the dealership for their annual service, as well as providing a consistent revenue stream. However, not all service plans are made the same, so ensuring you are offering your customers a high quality product is paramount to satisfaction rates.

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The service plan from Car Care Plan

Car Care Plan has been the trusted partner of choice for industry-leading manufacturers and dealerships for over 45 years, providing award-winning vehicle warranty and add-on insurance products. We offer a completely bespoke service on all our products, as they are developed, delivered, and administered entirely in-house, from compliance to documentation, fulfilment to renewals.

Our service plans can be customised to meet your exact requirements, tailored to specific makes and models, with the option of additional add-on products. A service plan can be fully customised and tailored to your business, with a standalone fully integrated web-based system, providing ease-of-use for front end quotation, claiming service payments, a reporting suite and integrated accounting.

Car Care Plan has a Service Plan product to meet your requirements. Enquire today to find out more.

Should you offer service plans to your customers?

If your customers plan on getting their vehicle serviced annually, they can lock in the cost at today’s prices, meaning they could be paying less than if they waited until next year to pay the bill in one lump sum. By taking out a service plan, they know exactly what they are paying each year, and the cost will not change for the duration.

Service plans are particularly beneficial for those with a premium vehicle, as they can be costly to maintain and servicing can come with a large bill. A monthly direct debit covers the cost of all routine maintenance work, plus any additional benefits, for the service intervals shown on their documentation. But service plans can provide peace-of-mind and potential cost savings for all vehicle owners.

We advise discussing the benefits of a service plan with your customers. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about their vehicle ownership plans, not only raising the prospects of retaining their custom for future servicing but to find out if other products would be of interest.

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