Keep your EV customers happy by introducing them to EV Drivers Club

Keep your EV customers happy by introducing them to EV Drivers Club

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) will continue to pick up pace as we go through the decade – approaching the 2030 target for all new vehicle sales to be fully electric.

Already in September 2022, EVs accounted for 17% of all new vehicle registrations, according to the latest data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The only category that outpaced EVs was, of course, petrol powered vehicles, with hybrids following and diesel bringing up the rear.

Car manufacturers are boldly announcing that 50% of their sales/production will be EVs by 2025 (Hyundai and Volvo, to name just two), keeping them on track to meet the 2030 target. With the evolving demographic of vehicles leaving forecourts, dealers need to be catering to their customers’ changing needs.


How EVs could affect dealership aftersales income

When it comes to sustainable income for aftersales departments, many EV servicing programmes are no longer annual. They are “on demand”, with many features and vehicle updates completed remotely, or up to every two years. And, according to Car Care Plan’s own research, there is also inconsistency on what is included in an EV service across all providers and OEMs.

Looking at MOTs, a recent article by AM Online referenced statistics from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which shows that 15% of hybrid cars and 18% of pure electric cars failed their MOT at the first attempt between 2019 and 2021. The average failure rates for petrol vehicles over those three years was 20% and diesel at 23%.

Due to fewer servicing event requirements and the reduced likelihood of necessary repairs after an MOT, aftersales income for dealer groups and OEM’s will be greatly reduced. So how can dealers help offset that discrepancy?


Introducing EV Drivers Club

As presented at the recent Motor Trader EV Summit, Car Care Plan has launched its EV Drivers Club, bringing together industry-leading EV products and services alongside a comprehensive annual vehicle health check for your customers.

Having identified multiple important checks that are not included in most EV servicing requirements, EV Drivers Club gives the selling dealer an opportunity to identify any issues on behalf of their customers and receive a fixed income for completing the checks. This includes everything from a traction battery health check through to cosmetic health, charging cables checks to a review of the vehicle onboard computer.

Additional benefits of being a member of EV Drivers Club include:

      • EV Drivers Club Assist – a breakdown and recovery service
        • Zoom EV Full Membership – various charging benefits and discounts
        • SmartFob including Keycare – key insurance benefits
        • Zap Map Plus – charger location and information
        • Bonnet Charging App – discounted charging on a wide network of providers
        • Dent Wizard Ventures (DWV) discount – 10% off cosmetic and alloy wheel repairs.


    To learn more about EV Drivers Club, get in touch with Car Care Plan today.

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