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One of the most important aspects of being a car retailer is building the initial relationship with customers. This first step of the sales process can be the longest and most difficult one, so imagine if you had already broken down some of those barriers.

Retention is something that is sometimes overlooked by  sales staff at dealerships and some will probably admit that communication can falter once you have waved the customer off the forecourt. This could be a wasted opportunity; that customer has bought into your brand in a significant way and with a little nurturing they will be singing your praises to their friends and family, increasing your potential customer base.


Building a strong relationship with your customers will help them trust your dealership, meaning they will be far more likely to return to you when they want to buy another car. This gives your sales team the potential to sell a customer further vehicles or services in the lifecycle of the relationship.

Maintaining communication with your customers adds credibility to your brand and helps build your reputation through an exceptional customer experience. Putting clear communication steps and actions in place means you will be in touch with the customer when it matters most to them and not when it matters most to you.

We all know that people buy from people and when it comes to making a large purchase such as a car, this is even more important. Having a dealership they can trust means customers will return to you for servicing, MOTs, repairs and other cars.


Consumers are savvy and they want exceptional service. Whilst most dealerships are under pressure to sell, it is important that the customer is at the heart of your business and making what may seem like small changes to you could be huge to the customer.

Think about having a named person for them to speak to when they need to return for a service or repair. If they call and you say you will call them back in 10 minutes – make sure you do, or give a more realistic timeframe. Start thinking about what annoys you as a consumer and make sure you eliminate that for your customer.

We have implemented a wide range of retention programmes to a number of small, medium and large companies; our team are ideally placed to advise you on this type of activity. So if you are ready to go, or you would like more information, give us a call on 0844 573 8000 or visit our contact us page.


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