Claims and call handling: the backbone of your financial aftercare services

Claims and call handling: the backbone of your financial aftercare services

Talking to a customer services team member is still an important option for many – even when more and more services are becoming automated and going online. A lot of customers prefer to pick up the phone to make a policy claim, for example. Some prefer to speak to an advisor about a renewal or to purchase a new product.

Making this an experience your customers will remember for all the right reasons will improve satisfaction levels and retention rates. A seamless, hassle-free claims and call handling service can be the difference between a customer coming back to your business or going to a competitor.


What a high-quality claims and call handling experience looks like

Offering financial aftercare products to your customers comes with an obligation to provide the service they expect when they need to make a claim, if they have any queries or when the policy is coming to an end, and they decide to renew. A first-rate claims and call handling service should be available to your customers in this instance.

Car Care Plan’s knowledgeable, fully qualified, and professional teams take 2,500 calls every working day – that’s over 645,000 calls every year. We handle over 1,200 claims in a working day – adding up to over 300,000 a year. The customer is at the heart of this process and satisfaction levels are paramount.

This level of experience, professionalism and service level has seen Car Care Plan become the partner of choice for car dealers and manufacturers worldwide.


A tailored approach to claims and call handling

Your claims and call handling service should be tailored to your business – built around your brand and customers. When your customer buys a product from your business, they expect someone with knowledge of your business to be on the end of the line if they need to call customer services. That hassle-free experience will help avoid confusion and ensure an efficient and clear experience.

Car Care Plan’s tailored claims and call handling packages are built around our partners’ needs. We use a straightforward, easy, and customisable system to make the product registration and claims process a seamless experience from start to finish. Follow the link to learn more about our claims and call handling services.

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