Warranty, Breakdown Cover, and Service Plan for one monthly payment

Warranty, Breakdown Cover, and Service Plan for one monthly payment

Monthly payments are ubiquitous for today’s consumers. From electronic gadgets to white goods, streaming services to holidays, and of course car buying. The option of paying for products and services over a set period, rather than all at once, has become the preferred method for many. That is why Car Care Plan now offers dealer partners and their customers the ability to combine a package of products all for one simple monthly payment – paid over a 12-month period.

Breakdown cover to get your customer back on the road, a service plan to spread the cost of their annual vehicle check-up, and an award-winning warranty for financial protection should a mechanical or electrical fault occur. And instead of the complication of dealing with three different providers, three different payments, and three-times the paperwork, they can get the whole package under one roof.


Why everyone benefits from a combined aftercare product package

A staple of dependable, high-quality aftercare products means retailers can foster long-term customer engagement and sustainability – with benefits for all parties. Customers have the option of spreading their vehicle’s ongoing running costs while dealers enjoy additional revenue through more after sales and add-on income streams. Monthly product payments also provide many opportunities for ongoing customer communications, boosting retention and future vehicle sales.

One example is Car Care Plan’s partnership with Nissan to provide the new subscription style product “Good-to-Go” – linking a warranty, service plan, and MOT test fee along with roadside assistance in one package. The product is sold directly through the Nissan dealer network and is simple to administer due to just three price options based on vehicle fuel type (Petrol, Diesel and Electric). The product is annually renewable and offers customers total piece of mind with a single direct debit payment. Nissan have strongly promoted the concept and dealer participation is increasing daily.


Bespoke products and comprehensive support services

Car Care Plan is a leading provider of award-winning vehicle warranty and Motor related add-on products, so you and your customers can be confident of a dependable service, high satisfaction rates, and successful motoring. Founded in 1976, we are the trusted aftersales partner for the automotive industry’s most recognisable manufacturers and retailers, with an AM Best excellent A-rated in-house insurance arm providing financial stability customers can rely on.

Partnering with Car Care Plan means aftercare products can be tailored to your business and customers, covering the bespoke requirements of all makes and models. And all of this is available with a comprehensive range of support services, including innovative systems to manage and process customer details and payments on behalf of dealer partners. There is also tailored marketing and e-commerce support, including a range of branding options, alongside training and development opportunities for your team.


If you would like to learn more about the options available to your business and customers, contact the friendly team at Car Care Plan by calling 0344 573 8000 or visit

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