Proactive reminders boost aftersales success for car dealers

Proactive reminders boost aftersales success for car dealers

Almost two-thirds of motorists agreed they would use a car dealer that proactively reminds them about aftersales business, according to research from Marketing Delivery. And a further 25% strongly agreed with the statement.

The marketing specialist found that car dealers could retain 60.7% of customers for MOT and service work with timely reminders. This increased to 70.4% among younger motorists (under 25), while 57.5% of over 55s said the same.

The survey also found the timescale most preferred for reminders is between three weeks and one month prior to the need for MOT and service work.

Read the AM Online article for further information on the Marketing Delivery survey.

Communication is central to retention

Regular communication with customers is important for retention – boosting MOT and services and for renewing aftercare products. By keeping in touch with customers, it ensures your business is top of their minds when it comes to buying a new vehicle.

Here are our top tips for better communication:

  • Reasons to keep in touch – There are a multitude of reasons to contact your customers. A primary reason might be to check they are satisfied with their recent purchase. You can provide reminders for add-on product renewal dates. Or simply create a customer Christmas card list. Just make sure you have their permission to contact them by following GDPR requirements. Download our free GDPR eBook to learn more.
  • Use the right communications tool – There are a wide array of options when it comes to communicating with your customers. Calls and direct mail are still powerful methods for boosting customer retention. Email, text messages, social media, as well as digital and traditional advertising are also great methods for keeping in touch. A mix of communication tools will likely provide the best results. Asking each customer how they would prefer to be contacted provides a personalised experience and may improve customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Timing is essential – As discovered in the Marketing Delivery survey, knowing when to contact your customers is just as important as how you’re going to do it. Consider contacting them at different times throughout the year, for example. Several points of contact throughout the term of their policy will help to boost loyalty and retention.

Learn more about communicating with customers with our eBook – Digital technology for dealerships.

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