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New car registrations continue to rise in 2016

The rise in new car registrations in the UK continues with the turn of the new year, as the SMMT announces an 11-year high of 169,678 in January. This is the most successful start to the year since 2005 and represents a 2.9% increase from 2015.

Dealers can capitalise on the increase in sales by maximising every customer opportunity, whether they’re buying new or used. Providing great customer service alongside vehicle aftercare products helps boost retention and ensures those customers return time and time again.

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Delving into the figures

The January growth in new car registrations has been driven by increases in both the private and business sectors. Demand for new cars went up by 8.2% to 73,061 private units and 5% to 6,716 business units sold. The rise in private buyers, in particular, has meant the best month for the category in 12 years.

Once again, the UK’s most popular vehicle was the Ford Fiesta, followed by the Nissan Qashqai and the Vauxhall Corsa. Alternative-fuel vehicles increased their market share, accounting for a record 3.6% of new car registrations, an increase of 32.1% in the last year.

Despite decreasing fuel prices, diesel vehicle registrations remained stable, up 0.6%, and petrol grew 3.7%. This compares to a surge in demand for petrol hybrids (up 44.1% to 3,783 cars), plug-in hybrids (growing 32.3% to 1,592) and pure electric cars (gaining 14.1% to 584 units sold).

What can you do to ensure buyers are coming to your dealership?

In our latest free to download eBook, we look at how digital technology has changed the way customers research and buy vehicles. The internet is now a primary resource for customers looking to find a new car. Among the most popular sources of information, customers are using online car supermarkets and comparison sites, social media recommendations and search engines, as well as a dealer’s own website. Making the most of these platforms is essential.

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Equally, providing a range of high-quality financial aftercare products helps your offer to stand out from the crowd. Customers want to know their investment will be protected when they drive their new car off the forecourt, which is where an extended warranty and further protection comes in.

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