Meet Car Care Plan’s Mental Health Champions

Meet Car Care Plan’s Mental Health Champions

The initial cohort of Car Care Plan Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAider®) have been completing their training – ready to offer support to colleagues. The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England programme empowers those who are not mental health professionals to provide support to those in their social network (such as family, friends, and work colleagues).

Every MHFAider® at Car Care Plan has been trained to spot the early signs of poor mental health, including the warning signs of common mental health crises. They offer and provide initial help as well as encourage those who need it to seek appropriate professional treatment. They are also simply someone to talk to when needed – approachable, impartial, confidential, and trustworthy.

Meet MHFAider® Darren Fletcher

Darren Fletcher, Car Care Plan’s Group Health, Safety & Facilities Manager, is one of those in the second group to complete the MHFA programme at the company. He said: “I am pleased to share with you that I am now a fully trained MHFAider®.

“I was keen to join the MHFA team to enhance mental health awareness, allowing us to give it the same attention we give to our physical health.

“The virtual course was delivered through discussions and exercises, and I realised that mental health training provides the necessary awareness and resources. It also helps break the stigma associated with mental health and promotes efforts for treatment, recovery and communication.

“You will see the Mental Health First Aider team listed on the noticeboards.”

Health and wellbeing at Car Care Plan

Ben Russell, CEO at Car Care Plan, said: “At Car Care Plan, we truly believe that our people are our competitive advantage and at the very heart of our business. Supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff is an essential part of our business culture and important to our Senior Management Team.

“To reinforce this commitment, we have trained several employees to be Mental Health First Aiders. I believe the training provided to these employees will be a valuable investment and will contribute to the development of a more positive and healthy workplace culture.

“By providing this training, we hope to show our commitment to supporting our employees’ mental health and creating a workplace that fosters wellbeing. We have a genuine resolve to promote a healthy and happy workforce and we look forward to participating in numerous events and supporting the Mental Health Champions to establish positive mental health at the heart of our culture.”

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