It’s important to keep ongoing contact with customers and capitalise on their satisfaction, so you can retain their custom for future servicing and repair work

Keep your business in front of your customers

You have successfully completed a vehicle sale. Your customer is delighted with their purchase, compliments you on your customer service, and drives off in their new pride and joy. Now it’s important to keep ongoing contact with that customer and capitalise on their satisfaction, so you can retain their custom for future servicing and repair work, for example.

A loyal customer base will have a significant effect on long-term business sustainability. As an industry leading provider of award-winning warranty and add-on insurance products, Car Care Plan has been working closely with dealer and OEM partners to maximise direct and continued interaction with customers, providing marketing content and additional touchpoints to ensure regular contact. Just two examples include…

Connected Warranty

Car Care Plan has partnered with Tracker to provide a “Connected Warranty”. This optional warranty upgrade gives dealers remote diagnostic information on customer vehicles via an onboard device similar to a motor insurance telematic unit. This enables dealer partners to contact their customers to advise them of early indications of vehicle issues – in some cases prior to any warning lights popping up on the dashboard. There is also a complementary vehicle management app for customers, so they can stay ahead of any potential problems.

The obvious benefit for dealers is the retention of repair and service work, while customers can stay ahead of any problems that arise and avert potentially costly failures in future. The devices also further protect warranty loss rations from consequential damage claims arising from late diagnoses.


Car Care Plan has also partnered with key insurance firm KeyCare to provide dealer and OEM partners with SmartFob devices for their customers. This allows customers, at the touch of a button, to find any lost or misplaced keys or mobile phones, among a range of other benefits. There is a tailor made app to accompany the device that can include content and links to the provider’s other products, services, marketing materials and campaigns.

Each time a customer opens the app to find their keys or phone, they are served with content from the dealer. This allows them to sell additional products or services, highlight any new stock, deals or discounts, or simply continue to boost brand visibility.

Chris Strong, Head of Sales at Car Care Plan, said: “At Car Care Plan we continue to increase our portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of our dealer and OEM partners and their customers, to adapt and innovate in an ever changing marketplace. Any retailers looking to enhance their customer offering while providing their business with additional and ongoing prospects for customer engagement should contact us today to discuss opportunities.”


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