How we look after the talented team at Car Care Plan

How we look after the talented team at Car Care Plan

The talented team at Car Care Plan is the most important part of the business and ensuring their wellbeing and development is paramount. That is why we offer a broad range of services and activities to promote and underpin a positive culture within the company – enshrined in our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

This is the second blog in our series on ESG, with the previous post looking at the environmental side of Car Care Plan (read more here). In this blog we will be exploring our social responsibilities and activities, with a focus on the way we look after our team, in turn ensuring they look after our clients, customers, suppliers, and the surrounding communities.


How we support the talented Car Care Plan team

To ensure the team at Car Care Plan can operate at their best, therefore providing the world class services and products our clients expect, we offer a range of wellbeing programmes. They include:


    • AmWell – Our smartphone-based portal combining useful tools, educational content, and social support, aimed at improving the physical, mental, financial, social, and work wellbeing of the team.


    • Employee Assistance Programme – An independent advice and guidance service to provide support through issues such as financial stress, life events, childcare, relationship issues, and anything else that might be affecting a member of the team.


    • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) – We pride ourselves on our cultural and ethnic diversity. Recruitment is one area where we are constantly pushing for progress in D&I. Our Chair, Liz Blythe, has also run sessions to highlight her experiences of being a female working in senior management as part of International Women’s Day.


    • AmU – A learning and development platform that gives the team access to thousands of courses, including over 13,000 from LinkedIn Learning, supporting career development, D&I, and wellbeing.


    • Code of Conduct and Ethics – We are committed to the values of integrity, honesty, ethical business practices, and compliance with the law, and everyone who works at Car Care Plan must attest to these values each year.


    • Global Whistleblowing Hotline – A confidential whistleblowing hotline should any member of the team have concerns, alongside a global open-door policy and a non-retaliation policy.


    • Communications – We are always looking for ways to improve communications with the team and the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges, with the necessity to work from home, so we put a framework in place that focusses on mental health and wellbeing.


    • Employee Engagement Forum – This includes a quarterly engagement survey, various awards, such as unsung hero and employee of the month, a suggestion scheme, charity donation requests, encouraging engagement in activity planning and participation in forum meetings.


    Supporting the community around Car Care Plan

    Our social responsibilities do not stop with our own team, of course, and we are committed to supporting local, national, and international charities, building business-education partnerships, and we are exploring other types of community engagement.

    With supplier selection and onboarding, we are always aware of current best practices, as well as legal requirements and regulations. This ensures we manage and mitigate any risks, including our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

    There has been considerable focus on Car Care Plan’s social responsibilities, and it is an area we are always reviewing and exploring for ways to improve.


    Next in our series of blogs looking at Car Care Plan’s ESG strategies is Governance, when we will explore our board and committee structure, policy framework, conduct rules, and effectiveness. To stay up-to-date with the latest, sign up to Car Care Plan’s newsletter here.

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