Help your customers make smarter financial decisions with Defaqto Star Ratings

Help your customers make smarter financial decisions with Defaqto Star Ratings

There are tens of thousands of financial products available – from insurance to pension plans. Consumers can protect everything from their cat to their car. Choosing the right product can be a daunting prospect, however, as price can be no guarantee of quality and many consumers don’t want to spend their time scouring the small print. That is where Defaqto can help.

Defaqto is one of the UK’s most trusted, independent and impartial sources of financial product information. 90% of consumers buy Defaqto rated products, according to, demonstrating the market penetration of the rating system that so many rely on to decide which product to choose. From TV to newspapers, magazines to websites, Defaqto’s ubiquitous star rating system can be found on financial product advertisements everywhere.

Defaqto Star Ratings

Defaqto star ratings give consumers a quick and simple way to determine the quality of a financial product and compare them with others. Each of the tens of thousands of products in the Defaqto database is assessed by experts and given a star rating of between one and five. The higher the number of stars, the higher quality the product.

Consumers are not the only ones using the star ratings, of course. Defaqto claims over 30% of financial advisers use their services to better serve their customers. Many financial product providers also use the ratings to demonstrate the quality of their offering to customers – and that includes Car Care Plan.

Learn more about Defaqto’s Star Ratings system on their website.

Defaqto and Car Care Plan

As an industry-leading provider of warranty and add-on insurance products, Car Care Plan’s products are analysed and rated by Defaqto. Our Alloy Insurance, Cosmetic Insurance and Tyre Insurance are all five-star rated – meaning they have been independently assessed and found to provide a comprehensive range of features and benefits to customers.

Our dealer and manufacturer partners can, therefore, rest assured they are offering their customers financial add-on products for their vehicles that are among the best in the market. This has obvious benefits for their reputation and can lead to greater customer retention, satisfaction rates, and sales.

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