For car TLC… think DWV

For car TLC… think DWV

DWV is one of the UK’s leading mobile vehicle repair specialists – providing nationwide bodywork, paint, and alloy wheel refurbishments and repairs. As one of the largest specialist mobile repairers, they fix over 150,000 minor paint scratches, scuffs, stone chips, dents, and alloy wheels each year.

As part of the Car Care Plan group, DWV is our in-house repairer for all our cosmetic and alloy wheel insurance products. We first started using DWV repair services in 2012 and, due to the increasing demand for cosmetic and alloy insurance products, DWV joined the Car Care Plan family in 2017 – ensuring greater control of quality and availability of repair for customers.


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Why DWV is the first choice for refurbishments and repairs

DWV operates a wide network of fully employed, trained, and experienced technicians, providing repair services to a range of customers, including insurers, administrators, vehicle auction houses, remarketing providers, leasing companies, motor dealerships, and individual drivers.

All their mobile van workshops are fully equipped with manufacturer approved paints and materials, on-board power, all-weather canopies, and the latest technology to ensure all repairs are completed to the highest standard. Not only that, but repairs are completely hassle free with easy booking online when the technician will come to you at your preferred time and date to carry out the work at your location.


What damage can DWV technicians repair?

Scratches, scuffs, dents, and stone chips to bodywork and scuffed/kerbed alloy wheels all look an unsightly mess on any vehicle and detract from its overall value. Minor cosmetic damage can also turn into a big issue if left untreated, as rust can get under your paintwork and corrosion can mean cosmetic repairs are impossible and repair costs escalate.

DWV technicians use SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) to get cars back to their best at the customers’ convenience. So, if you are someone who wants to protect your car’s appearance, or an organisation that needs a partner to keep their fleet looking its best, you can count on DWV and Car Care Plan.


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