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Enhance the dealership visit with digital technology

Digital technology is equally as important during a customer’s visit to your dealership as it is to helping buyers do their research before they walk through your door. In our previous blog we looked at capturing customers’ interest in your dealership online, but that is not where their digital journey ends.

According to a survey, 63% of shoppers use their mobile device at the dealership itself. While walking around your forecourt, they are using independent research sites, comparing prices and looking for the best deals. Your sales staff must be prepared for customers coming to them with a wealth of information, as they’ve probably been researching their potential purchase for weeks.

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Combine the dealership experience with digital technology

The ever growing use of digital technology gives customers more power when it comes to making buying decisions. They know what is available (and where) and they are prepared to use that information to get the best deal possible. However, digital technology also provides dealers with new ways to improve the customer experience, as well as communicate with potential buyers and boost retention rates.

Our top 5 tips for improving the dealership experience in the digital age:

  • Mobile friendly websites are a must these days. Make sure the information customers want is quick and easy to find – this includes stock listings, vehicle availability, prices and aftercare product information.
  • Keep your information up-to-date on independent research websites. These are the number one go-to resource for potential car buyers, so a strong presence is essential.
  • Train your sales staff and prepare them for well-informed customers. Car Care Plan offers fully-tailored training programmes to ensure your business is making the most of sales opportunities. Get in touch to find out more.
  • Ensure excellent customer service. Following extensive online research, customers might not be looking for more information on the car. They want to know about finance and aftercare products, to view the car and take it for a test-drive. They want to know they are buying their car from the right place.
  • Provide financial aftercare products as they give your dealership an edge over the competition. Extended warranty will also boost customer retention and satisfaction ratings.

 Going the extra digital mile for customers

What else can dealers do to improve the digital purchasing journey for their customers and, ultimately, secure the sale? Here are some ideas to go that extra mile for your customers and enhance your presence online:

  1. Provide the opportunity to book a test drive on your website or via a mobile app.
  1. Give customers options on your website, so they can pick aftercare products and build their perfect deal online.
  1. Use customer research data from your website to learn more about what customers want.
  1. Collect and display previous customer reviews
  1. Ensure a seamless transition from digital research to dealership visit, so customers can pick up with you where they left off online.

One way Car Care Plan is making life easier for customers is through a new app – compatible with both Apple® and Android™ devices – that lets them submit their cosmetic warranty and alloy wheel insurance claims. Learn more in our blog: App for vehicle aftercare product.

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