Cost-of-living driving many away from car maintenance

Cost-of-living driving many away from car maintenance

Drivers not being able to afford car maintenance has been blamed for record setting breakdowns, according to the RAC. The breakdown service provider said they recorded the largest number of breakdowns for a single day in December, with around 12,000 drivers needing help.

The winter weather was in part responsible for the record setting day, but the cost-living-crisis and pandemic received at least an equal share of the blame by RAC breakdown spokesperson Rod Dennis. More from the RAC here.


Rising cost of living puts car maintenance into reverse

They are not the only company to find a link between vehicle maintenance and the cost-of-living crisis, however. Nationwide Building Society conducted a survey of vehicle owners and discovered that more than one-in-three (39%) are worried their car will breakdown due to not being maintained. And close to half (49%) have put off essential vehicle repairs to save money.

The poll of 2,152 drivers also revealed that 56% are worried how they would afford any repairs if their vehicle had a breakdown. These cost pressures mean 54% have started to try and use their vehicle less in a bid to save money. The other ways they’ve tried to cut the cost of vehicle maintenance include; forgoing breakdown cover (30%), forgoing a service (23%), and doing their own repairs (23%).

James Broome, Head of Current Accounts at Nationwide Building Society, said: “As our poll shows, many people are putting off car repairs due to the cost of living – a problem that is demonstrated through one in five people worried about their vehicles breaking down.”


Spread the cost of servicing to avoid large bills

One way to help your customers keep their car in top shape is by offering a service plan with each sale – so they can avoid a single, large bill and spread the cost with easy monthly payments. Service plans help your customers to better plan their expenses, as they can avoid the shock of an unexpectedly large repair bill with a fixed, inflation-beating monthly bill.

A vehicle warranty and MOT test cover can also help motorists avoid breaking the bank when it comes to maintaining their vehicle. And although many motorists are seemingly forgoing breakdown cover to reduce their outgoings, high-quality aftercare packages, such as those offered by Car Care Plan, often include roadside support to keep your customers’ wheels turning.

Get in touch with Car Care Plan to learn more about the options available to you and your business.

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