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Car retailers concerned over stock and supply ahead of WLTP

The National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) has said car retailers are concerned about potential stock and supply issues because of WLTP – the new fuel economy test that will apply to all new car registrations from September 2018.

The franchised car and commercial vehicle dealer’s representative has been calling on manufacturers to ensure they communicate with their dealer networks about the implications of the new test. The NFDA has received some replies but are waiting on other manufacturers to get back to them.

In our last blog we covered the implications of the new test and its ongoing roll-out – you can read more here.

What does the NFDA have to say about WLTP?

Sue Robinson, Director of the NFDA, said: “NFDA is calling on manufacturers to ensure that they communicate timely and accurately the potential implications of WLTP to their dealer network. It is vital that manufacturers’ expectations are realistic and feasible.

“NFDA has contacted individual manufacturers to urge them to provide their respective dealer networks with clear guidance on WLTP and the effects its introduction may have. Although we have received a number of positive and constructive responses, we are still awaiting others. However, various dealers have expressed their concerns about possible stock and supply issues.

“It is vital that dealers know what products they are going to be supplied with and their status. We continue to advise our dealer members to talk directly to their manufacturers to find out how many derogated models they will have available over the next twelve months as well as to request detailed information on any non-derogated and, therefore, non-compliant vehicles that they will need to register prior to 31 August 2018.

“NFDA will continue to work closely with dealers and manufacturers to address the issue and we encourage members to attend the WLTP seminar in July.”

Visit the NFDA website for further information on their calls for clarity ahead of WLTP.

The WLTP has been around since last year – why the renewed interest now?

The WLTP is replacing the old NEDC test, used for establishing official Fuel Consumption and CO2 emissions, which has been phasing out since mid-2017. Manufacturers have been able to request WLTP approvals for new car types since the end of July 2017 and the new test became mandatory for all new car types from September that year. From September 2018, all new car registrations, including older models, must undergo the new test. There are exceptions for a limited number of unsold end-of-series vehicles already in stock and approved under the NEDC test, which can be sold until September 2019.

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