Business support to install EV charging points at your premises

Business support to install EV charging points at your premises

Britain’s EV charging infrastructure has received a £300m boost after energy regulator Ofgem released funding to triple the current network of ultra-rapid charging points. The project is part of a wider programme to move the country towards a greener future, which includes businesses doing their part to support employees as they make the switch to EVs over the coming months and years.

Car Care Plan is among thousands of employers that have already taken the step to install EV charge points at the workplace. For employees, charging at work can be a convenient way to ensure their EV batteries are getting topped up while parked during the day. From a business standpoint, it will become increasingly important as a facility for employees and visitors. And for car dealers, whose stock will include evermore EVs, it can be an essential operating factor.

EV ready infrastructure

“Range anxiety” is a major factor concerning motorists when considering purchasing an EV. Nobody wants to get stuck at a service station because they can’t charge their car or return to their vehicle after a day at the office to discover the battery is dead. Ensuring the infrastructure is in place to support millions of EVs is vital, which is why the latest funding announcement will be followed by more in the coming years.

So far, there are almost 24,000 charging stations at just over 15,000 locations around the UK, according to Zap-Map. And there are over 500,000 EVs now on the roads, says Transport Minister Rachel Maclean. However, there were almost 32 million cars on the roads in the UK by the end of December 2020, so a great deal more charging points will be needed as more drivers switch from traditional combustion engines to batteries.

EV charging business support

To support and encourage businesses to install EV charging stations at their workplaces, the Government offers financial support under the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). The grant provides 75% of purchase and installation costs, up to £350 per socket, for a maximum of 40 sockets – to be installed on dedicated off-street parking for staff, visitor, or fleet use.

For those interested in using the grant, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has a full list of authorised installers.

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