Bespoke and branded aftersales marketing to boost your sales

Bespoke and branded aftersales marketing to boost your sales

Financial aftercare products add to the bottom line of any car sale, improve customer satisfaction and boost retention rates. Warranty and insurance products branded to your business, as well as a website for further information, purchases and renewals, are likely to build trust with customers and lead to higher uptake.

Manufacturer and dealer branded aftersales products carry the weight of their reputation. They are a stamp of approval on those products. If a customer is willing to purchase a car from your business, they are likely to trust the products you put your name on. Partnering with a first-rate aftersales provider gives your business this option with minimal fuss and maximum return.


Marketing Support

The right marketing, branded to your business, gets the aftersales products you want to sell in front of the right people at the right time. All brands and businesses are different, and so are the needs of their customers, so it is important the marketing support you receive is bespoke.

Car Care Plan works closely with manufacturer and dealership partners to plan, design and executive effective marketing campaigns. With access to a dedicated, in-house marketing team, we work together to create multichannel integrated marketing campaigns, branded marketing and POS materials, data management and insight reporting, and outbound telemarketing activities, among other services.

This level of professional marketing support, from research through to execution and delivery, creates aftersales products our business partners are proud to sell, and customers are happy to purchase.


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One way for those customers to purchase aftersales products is online. Pointing customers towards third-party websites and giving recommendations is one way to provide options for protecting their new vehicle. Another is a professional and bespoke e-commerce website branded to your business that makes selling warranty and insurance products to your customers straightforward and cost-effective.

An easy and seamless process will deliver the best experience and a more attractive offering. Car Care Plan’s in-house team specialise in creating professional, fully branded e-commerce websites for manufacturer and dealer partners, opening a 24/7 sales channel, a fast and efficient sales process, a place for renewals, a secure payments process, and full reporting and sales tracking.


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