With millions failing their MOT each year, ensure your customers are protected

With millions failing their MOT each year, ensure your customers are protected

Around 7.3 million vehicles on UK roads fail their MOT each year, according to breakdown service the RAC. With around 40 million vehicles in use, there is a significant proportion requiring work to remain road legal, which provides an opportunity for dealers to offer their customers financial protection, so they’re not caught out by an unexpected bill when their MOT is due.

What are the leading causes of MOT failure?

According to the RAC data, the biggest single cause of a failed test is lamps, reflectors, and electrical equipment (25%). Suspension is second (19% of failures), followed by brakes (16%), tyres (12%), visibility (9%), body, chassis, structure (6%), noise, emissions, leaks (5%) and an assortment of other reasons making up the remainder (7%).

When it comes to dangerous defects, however, tyres are the biggest issue (61%), followed by brakes (28%) and suspension (5%), with the rest making up smaller portions of the pie. So how can dealers support their customers to avoid getting caught out when they take their car into the garage for their annual check?

How dealers can keep their customers on the road

Offering your customers a high-quality warranty with their new or used vehicle, such as the award-winning programmes offered by Car Care Plan, ensures they are covered for mechanical or electrical faults. While this often does not include general wear and tear, other faults that lead to an MOT failure may well receive financial support for replacement or repair.

Car Care Plan also offers the option of adding MOT Test Cover to some of its warranty programmes, meaning your customers can spread the cost of their MOT over a 12-month period, beating inflation and locking in a price at the start of their contract.

A high-quality Service Plan can also help customers avoid the surprise of an MOT failure, as it spreads the cost of routine maintenance work, which can fix potential issues before they end up on the VT30 MOT test failure certificate. By providing first-class support to your customers, you can also boost your satisfaction and retention rates, as well as increase revenue.

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