Why dealers should be offering customers a Service Plan

Why dealers should be offering customers a Service Plan

In our latest eBook, we take a closer look at the benefits of the Service Plan for dealerships and their customers. “Service Plan – Boost customer loyalty and retention” is your guide to a financial aftercare product that can help build a loyal customer base while providing those customers with an affordable and convenient way to maintain their new or used vehicle.

What can you expect to find?

    • What is a Service Plan? – Servicing spend can be unpredictable, as labour and parts costs increase year on year, and an unexpected fault through wear and tear can result in a much larger bill than anticipated. That is where a Service Plan can help drivers spread the cost and budget for essential servicing.
    • Who should take out a Service Plan? – Service Plans benefit customers with almost any type of vehicle, but they are particularly beneficial to those with premium vehicles that are often costly to maintain, with servicing regularly incurring larger bills.
    • What are the benefits of a Service Plan? – There are several reasons for dealers to offer customers a Service Plan with their new or used vehicle. One is to help improve customer retention, through return trips to the dealership for their annual service, but also for when the time comes to buy another car in future.
    • How to boost your Service Plan sales? – The hard sell can be off-putting – retailers should listen to their customers and learn about their requirements before trying to push any product, including a Service Plan. Learn our Top Tips for improving your Service Plan sales.
    • Service Plan support for retailers – With in-house marketing, compliance, customer services, IT and e-commerce, Car Care Plan is fantastically equipped to support dealerships through the entire aftersales journey. With products also underwritten in-house, Car Care Plan has the ability to provide dealerships with a completely flexible approach to aftersales.

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