Top 5 tips for putting your customer first

Top 5 tips for putting your customer first

Putting your customers first in all aspects of your business will lead to improved satisfaction levels, better retention and, ultimately, greater profits. Here are our top five tips for putting customers at the heart of your business:

Offer products with value to customers –

Treat each customer as an individual and only offer them financial aftercare products that will provide real value. For example, offering GAP insurance to cover the difference between the original purchase price and what their insurance company would pay out in the unfortunate event their vehicle is written off. For those who purchase a car on finance, this can avoid the situation of having years of ongoing monthly payments for a car they no longer own.

Only sell trustworthy products –

Offering the best available products to your customers will help build trust and boost retention. One way to demonstrate the quality of a product is the Defaqto rating. Learn more about Defaqto at

Lose the hard sell –

Pushing a product too hard can have an adverse effect and lead to a customer being put off the purchase. Discuss a customer’s requirements and the products that can protect their investment, provide the benefits of each of those products, and the customer will be able to decide if it is right for them. Video can also be a great way to convey the benefits of a product in a concise and easy to understand format.

Communication –

When customers leave your showroom, it should not be the last time you contact them. Providing they have agreed to ongoing communication, as per regulations under the GDPR, there are a myriad of reasons and ways for you to stay in touch. Drop them a text message about their annual service, send a keyring to mark their one-year anniversary since purchasing the vehicle, post a VIP invite to see the latest stock. Little things help build an affinity with your brand and will help boost retention.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes –

Ask yourself if you would purchase the products you’re offering and sell them as you would wish to be sold to. Making a note of any customer questions is a great way to get familiar with the sort of information future customers may request. Another way to put yourself in your customer’s shoes is ask for feedback and act on any suggestions or complaints. Happy customers are more likely to publish positive reviews online and offer recommendations, therefore not only increasing retention but also helping to attract new business.


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