The importance of OEM parts and vehicle warranty

The importance of OEM parts and vehicle warranty

When it comes to the repair and maintenance of vehicles, the use of genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts offers numerous benefits. They are designed for specific makes and models, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and longevity, and for this reason they are required to maintain the protection car owners receive from their vehicle warranty.

While many car owners understand the significance of using genuine OEM parts, the car buying process can be an opportunity for retailers to reinforce this knowledge. By doing so, they not only provide valuable guidance but also create opportunities to improve their retention rates, boost satisfaction, and drive high-quality warranty sales.


What are the benefits of OEM parts?

1. Superior quality and reliability

One of the primary advantages of using OEM parts for the repair and maintenance of your customers’ vehicles is the assurance of superior quality and reliability. These parts are, of course, manufactured to the same specifications as the components originally installed in their vehicles, therefore car owners can be assured of the same reliability.

2. Compatibility

Genuine OEM parts are designed to fit seamlessly into specific makes and models, ensuring perfect compatibility. This precise fit guarantees all components work harmoniously, minimising the risk of premature wear or damage. Car dealers can educate customers on the potential risks associated with using aftermarket parts, demonstrating an interest in ensuring the performance and safety of their new vehicle.

3. Longevity and Resale Value

Using genuine OEM parts can also significantly enhance the longevity of a vehicle. These parts are built to meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring durability and resilience. By emphasising this benefit, car dealers can highlight the long-term value customers receive. When it’s time to sell or trade in their vehicle, those that have used OEM parts for repairs are likely to attract higher resale values.


OEM parts boost warranty sales

Retailers offering high-quality warranty products can leverage the importance of using OEM parts. When customers have warranty protection, they can rest assured any covered repairs or replacements will use genuine OEM parts. Retailers can highlight how warranty products provide peace-of-mind by safeguarding customers against unexpected repair costs while guaranteeing the use of these reliable and approved components. It’s also important to stress that if they wish to maintain their warranty protection, the use of genuine OEM parts is essential.

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