Subscription style vehicle aftercare packages for your customers

Monthly payments have become ubiquitous. More and more consumers want to avoid large, lump sum payments. Television, smartphones, music, magazines, even washing machines are all paid for with Direct Debits. Vehicles are no exception, of course, with around 92% of new cars purchased with finance agreements and a growing number of used cars following suit, according to AM Online.

Last year, more than 2.2 million motorists took out car finance agreements, about 3% up on the previous year, according to The Car Expert. The total amount borrowed increased by 9%, with the average finance amount hitting new records for both new and used cars over the course of the year. With the increasing cost of vehicles, consumers are looking for ways to protect their investment, and subscription style aftercare packages are an increasingly popular choice.

Car Care Plan’s combined products

While car buyers are increasingly turning to monthly payments for aftercare products to protect their vehicles, they’re also keen to avoid a multitude of individual payments leaving their accounts. Warranty, service plan, cosmetic repair insurance, alloy wheel insurance, breakdown cover, and more can all help protect drivers’ wallets and package deals are an attractive option for many.

That is why Car Care Plan launched a combined warranty, breakdown cover, and service plan product in 2022, which provides holistic maintenance support for 12 monthly payments. Another example is Club SmartGuard, Car Care Plan’s latest new car service, offering customers biannual vehicle assessments, specialist cosmetic repair, alloy wheel insurance, and discounted dealer rates.

Car Care Plan also recently launched EV Drivers Club, which includes an annual vehicle check that covers items not included in a regular EV service, as well as EV Drivers Club Assist, Zoom EV membership, SmartFob and Keycare, Zap Map Plus, bonnet charging app discounts, and Dent Wizard Ventures discounts.

Further development in 2024

“Our fantastic team are constantly reacting to what customers want and the products they need as part of the vehicle ownership cycle,” said Simon Cook, Car Care Plan Sales Director. “Car buyers are thinking about the ownership cycle as a whole – whether they’re buying new or used – and considering all the costs from running the vehicle to the cost of servicing and repairs. Customers are much more aware of the importance of maintaining the value of their vehicle and are looking at products that can help them.”

“Everything we do is about taking the hassle of car ownership away from the customer. We are making sure we have the right products for the right customers at the right time and, to that end, there’s a considerable amount of product development in the pipeline for 2024.”

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