Protect your customers with industry-leading vehicle aftercare products

Both new and used car prices are at record highs. Prices have soared in recent years and drivers are looking for ways to protect their considerable investment. Warranty and add-on insurance products that cover everything from the engine to the paintwork can provide peace-of-mind and financial support when needed, but ensuring your customers have access to high quality products is paramount for a successful sale, satisfaction rates, and retention.

While vehicle aftercare products provide consumers with a wide range of protection, there are multiple benefits for retailers as well. Great products that give customers the support when needed will have a positive impact on your business reputation, leading to the aforementioned boost in retention. Not only does the initial sale of the product boost your bottom line – and lead to regular revenue through subscription-style products – but also increases the chances of return business as well.

The vehicle aftercare products your customers are looking for:

Warranty – Helps to protect motorists from the unexpected and unwanted cost of a mechanical or electrical fault.
Service Plan – Spreads the cost of the annual service with 12 inflation beating fixed monthly payments.
Alloy Insurance – Covers the cost of repairing minor damage to alloy wheels.
Tyre Insurance – Covers the cost of replacing damaged tyres in the event of a sudden puncture or malicious damage.
Cosmetic Repair Insurance – Covers the cost of repairing unsightly minor cosmetic damage.
MOT Test Cover – Covers the cost of repairs, replacements or adjustments should any covered components cause a vehicle to fail its MOT test.
Roadside Assistance – Provides support in the event of a breakdown.

Why should you partner with Car Care Plan?

Car Care Plan has been the trusted partner of choice providing award-winning vehicle warranty and add-on insurance products to the industry’s leading manufacturers and dealerships for over 45 years. We offer a completely bespoke service on all our products, as they are developed, delivered, and administered entirely in-house, from compliance to documentation, fulfilment to renewals.

We operate in over 100 countries worldwide, enhancing the vehicle ownership experience of millions through our innovative and comprehensive range of Motor related add-on products. We have been AM “Dealer Recommended” for Warranty for 13 consecutive years and our Alloy, Cosmetic Repair and Tyre Insurance products are all five-star Defaqto rated.

Car Care Plan has the products, services and expertise to meet your requirements. Enquire today to find out more.

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