Great Customer Service with Car Care Plan

Great Customer Service with Car Care Plan

Dealerships are once again opening their doors to customers after the prolonged closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand the importance of looking after our customers and clients and, as the industry adjusts to the current situation, it’s important to provide simple processes and excellent customer service, so that helping drivers keep their vehicles protected is easy.

That’s why Car Care Plan is making every effort to prioritise convenience for all our customers and clients. Car Care Plan has been providing automotive add-on products for over 40 years, helping drivers stay safe on the road and enjoy their vehicles. As a leading provider of vehicle warranty, asset protection and aftersales motoring programmes in the UK, it’s little surprise that many major manufacturers and dealerships trust Car Care Plan to deliver quality aftersales products to their customers.

The quality of our products and services is shown through our ‘Great’ rating on Trustpilot, the widely trusted consumer review platform. One happy customer reviewed Car Care Plan as ‘Excellent insurance, there when you need them with no hassle, no quibble honest service with a smile. Highly recommended for anyone who likes to take a pride in their car without the hassle’.* We make every effort to ensure customers and clients enjoy excellent service, and we are proud that our ratings reflect this.

We also strive to offer our clients a fantastic experience. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for all businesses, which is why we work alongside you to tailor our products to fit both your business and your customers. In our dealer survey, the service and experience we provide received an average score of 8.7 out of 10, a score we are pleased with but will continue to push up to full-marks all round.

Car Care Plan also offers Account Management and Training to dealers, which assists with important programme and dealer development, keeping everything up to date and compliant with all regulations. We hang around to give dealers all the support they could need.

With e-commerce featuring so heavily in today’s society, it’s essential for customers to be able to purchase automotive cover as conveniently as possible, and for dealerships to have simple processes in place to enable this. Car Care Plan offers simple e-commerce solutions, so customers can purchase products at their convenience and dealers can register them with ease. At our end, claims procedures are handled quickly and effectively by a professional team so customers can get back on the road.

Every product that Car Care Plan offers has been designed to help keep motorists driving happy. Whether drivers are after Cosmetic Insurance, MOT Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Tyre and Alloy Insurance, Service Plans, GAP Insurance or Vehicle Warranty, Car Care Plan’s products have been created to benefit both customers and dealers.

Providing aftersales cover undoubtedly helps boost retention in dealerships and allows for greater customer satisfaction and trust. Car Care Plan is keen to assist the dealerships it works with, with services such as Marketing Support, Auditing and expert Compliance Assistance, alongside the e-commerce and dealer training provided. We do everything to ensure that dealers are properly supported.

Choosing Car Care Plan makes for a straightforward approach to aftersales, characterised by knowledge, expertise and efficiency.

*Trustpilot review for Car Care Plan, dated 15/04/2020

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