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Dealer Health Checks – an expert outside perspective

New car sales are on the rise – hitting a 10-year high last year – with 2.47 million new vehicles finding buyers in 2014. Growing confidence in the UK’s economic recovery should see the trend continue in 2015 and beyond but is your dealership seeing the benefit? Are you seeing rising sales?

Equally, if new cars are being driven off the forecourt, you should be seeing a corresponding increase in the uptake of aftercare products, such as warranties and GAP insurance. They help with customer retention, build buyer loyalty and can help add revenue streams for your business. Doing everything you can for your customers will also boost satisfaction ratings and will bring new buyers to your dealership.

Dealer Health Check

An outside perspective can help illuminate ways for your business to improve. Sometimes, being on the inside, it’s difficult to take an impartial view of what your dealership is good at and where it could use some support. This is where the Car Care Plan Dealer Health Check can help.

The free service – offered by the UK’s leading warranty provider – examines your dealership in detail to ensure you are providing the best service and products to your customers. The Health Check includes:

  • FREE assessment of your current add-on products
  • A personalised report on your dealership’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A detailed programme of changes to build a successful business culture and reputation
  • Ways to improve your customer experience
  • Identification of additional revenue streams for your dealership.

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Going a step further

Going a step further, a tailored training programme can help your sales staff to sell more financial add-on products. Through a greater understanding of the products, the benefits to customers and improved communications, you can see sales rocket.

After engaging in Car Care Plan training, one dealership saw their product sales per customer almost double. You can read more about MINI Cooper York’s experience here.

At the centre of your dealership are the customers and doing everything possible to go that extra mile will have a major impact on your bottom line. In our FREE eBook – Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Business – you will find ideas on:

  • How to ensure your customers always come first
  • How to improve your customer communications
  • A case study on how customer focus can increase profits dramatically.

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