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Keep your customers on the road with Tyre Insurance

Modern car tyres are becoming increasingly complex. The technology advances are improving grip, displacing surface water more efficiently and lasting longer. Punctures, tears and other damage are still common-place, however, and they can leave car owners out of pocket. This is where Car Care Plan can help.

Tyre Insurance covers pothole damage, damage from kerbs and sidewall damage, with puncture repair cover and cover for five tyres for up to three years. This can help save your customers money and build a long-lasting relationship with your business.

Why choose Car Care Plan Tyre Insurance?

Car Care Plan is the partner of choice for over 60% of UK dealers when it comes to providing car owners with financial aftercare, registering more than one million products a year. Car Care Plan’s Tyre Insurance is a market leader, providing cover for:

  • All car tyres, including the spare
  • Cover for run-flat tyres
  • The cost for any tyre replacements, including fitting
  • Accidental damage and punctures.


To learn more about providing Tyre Insurance for your customers, call Car Care Plan’s friendly customer service team on 0344 573 8000 or email us here to find out more.


What are the customer and retailer benefits?

Providing a wide range of financial aftercare products has benefits for both your customers and your dealership, including:

  • New routes to market
  • New revenue streams
  • Increased customer retention rates
  • Additional sales opportunities
  • Greater customer experience through offering a wider range of products.


To learn more about other financial aftercare products and how they can help your dealership, download our FREE eBook today: A guide to motoring financial aftercare.

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